Store report

Having an online store for your school, PTA, or PTO can be very beneficial for your group. With Schoolze you can setup an online store easily. Just a few clicks and you are ready to start selling to your parent group.

In this article, we will learn how you can analyze the store report for your online shop.

Step 1: Choose "Online Store" from the "Getting Started" menu list and you will see an online shop for your organization.

Step 2: Upon clicking on the three dots (kebab menu) on the online shop page, you will find "Store report". Click on "Store report".

Online store can help you simply add products you want to sell to your members or start fundraising. You can sell books, academic supplies, t-shirts, and more online with Schoolze. Having an online store for your parent group is way more convenient than you think.

Start selling

Follow these simple step to analyze your online store. Keep checking reports regularly and sell products on your website very easily.

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